"A great skill, constantly used for the sake of Music".

Thus was described Ludovic Michel when he ended his studies at the Paris Conservatory, by the master Alexandre Lagoya.

Ludovic Michel began his musical studies in Nancy, a multicultural city with a rich past.
At the Regional Conservatory, he learned from Frédéric Ben Attar, who played a major role in his musical development. Concerned about perfection, he continued his composition and guitar studies in various master-classes with Alberto Ponce, and he was admitted in Alexandre Lagoya’s class at the Paris National Conservatory, where he graduated with an unanimous First Prize, with congratulations from the jury.

But this aesthete’s adventure truly began with the joint foundation of the Argentine Tango band Tanguisimo, surrounded by two exceptional artists, the baritone José Luis Barreto and the violinist Svetlin Roussev. Thus started an intense activity through which he gave colours to his art and shared his passion for music, from opera houses to prestigious concert halls(*). In the end, he has given more than a thousand concerts throughout Europe and also in the USA. His twofold career as a guitarist/violist has brought him to perform chamber music regularly, especially with the violinist Svetlin Roussev.

His talent was confirmed in 2007, which brought him to perform with the great masters of Argentine Tango in the joint show Café de Los Maestros. There he played with Fernando Suarez Paz (violinist from Astor Piazolla’s quintet), Ernesto Baffa, Osvaldo Montes, Anibal Arias, Miguel Angel Varvello, Luis Stazo, Juan Carlos Godoy, Osvaldo Requena, Juan José Mosalini…

In 2012, Ludovic Michel made us discover a new page in his musical realm, as this finely skilled artist took us to his recital Tangos y otras cosas…. There, as he faced his audience alone, he enchanted and delighted us with wonderful sensuality, escorted by his muses, a splendid guitar made by Daniel Friederich, and his graceful 1850 Romantic guitar by Luis Panormo.

Eager to share this passion for music, he teaches guitar at the 19th Arrondissement Conservatory in Paris, and he is also the musical director of the Tanguisimo band.

(*) - Salle Pleyel, Chatelet Theatre, La Cigale, l’UNESCO, Saint-Etienne Opera House, Compiègne Opera house, Nancy Opera House, Limoge Opera House-Theatre, Clermont-Ferrand Opera House, Toulouse La Halle aux Grains, USA, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Italy…